Yogashoot Experience is for anyone interested in Yoga and who would like to have professional photos taken by a photographer who is also a yoga instructor. And before you ask yourself, you don't need to have any modeling or yoga experience to join: I believe Yoga is for everybody!


Let me introduce myself...

My Name is Camila Muradas. I'm a photographer with +10 years experience and a certified yoga instructor based in South Korea. Currently teaching Deep Flow classes in Seoul, while working with photography and design.


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The participants below are not professional models

I was a little nervous at first but Camila has the power to put you at ease and made the whole session very comfortable.

Camila experienced yoga teacher and a super talented photographer. So she exactly knows how to capture your beauty and strength in an authentic way.

Camila is a yoga instructor who is always encouraging us to move on:  "You can do it. You know that, don’t you?".

It turns out she is also a great photographer and made feel absolutely comfortable during the Yoga Shoot! Highly recommend!

Posing, which could be very foreign and uncomfortable for beginners, was made easy by Camila’s soothing way of making me feel confident and beautiful. This definitely comes through the final photos as well.

I sincerely cherish the experience. 


If you have any questions, feel free to also contact me by Instagram or Kakao Talk Channel (Yogashoot Experience).


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